A few weeks ago, I had the amazing experience to see Twenty one Pilots live again.

    If you didn’t already know, Twenty one Pilots has been my favourite band for almost 3 years now – they really changed my life & helped me a lot. The music they create, the message they want to express are really powerful and can/did save lives.


   For no reason other then our massive love and appreciation for them, my sister and I decided to “follow” them and go to two of their concerts in Europe, so we went to the one in Vienna & to the one in Munich.


    Like any other fan, we wanted to be in the front row and because the first time we saw them ( back in February ) we missed this chance, we were very motivated – but this time  it was a little bit different, we had two tries. Let me tell you, little did we know that the clique ( the fans ) would sit in the cold almost 24h+ to wait before the show.

    In Vienna we arrived with 6-7 hours before the concert and we ended up in the third-second row, so may I say that we were pretty excited & happy.


    In Munich – that was a hole new experience! Why? Well this time, the concert was held at Zenith Halle, a massive place with no sitting places, meaning that if you wanted to actually see the band you really had to be there early & by early I mean 10h+ before. Yeah, you guessed it – we waited more than 10 hours outside and of course we ended up being in the first-second row.


    Was it all worth it? One simple answer: a massive YES! Although we waited in the cold & the hours felt like ages, we got to meet and interact with a lot of wonderful people that shared the same love and passion, we made lots of amazing memories and we got to experience two of the most beautiful nights of our lives.


“Find your kitchen sink. Until you find a purpose on this earth, give yourself a purpose. Stop feeling like you need to be a teenage prodigy. Pretend you’re confident until you are. It’s hard work to do this when you’re so used to cringing at the reflection in your mirror, but do it. Work at it. I assure you, your mentality will change. A year ago Id be saying that this drawing is really shitty compared to what other people can do. Today I’m saying, I’m a damn good artist and I’m going to keep practicing and keep getting better. It’s possible to find happiness, I assure you. To my fellow skeleton clique, and anyone else that may need it, stay alive”
― Tyler Joseph



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