Disconnect to connect

   I’m that kind of person you’ll see getting excited for every single beautiful detail that comes across when walking or when looking at the sky. I love to wonder, to dream, to search for beauty & art in everything.

   One thing that I’m absolutely obsessed with is light – the sun. If you ask my closest friend or even the people that know me a little bit more , you will find out that I’m truly passionate about the paintings that the sun is creating each and every day.


   Lately, I’ve been thinking about people & how  disconnected we are but yet always connected. What I mean by that? – Well .. look around. Friends, lovers, family members stay next to each other – they are not talking with one another, they’re on their phones.


   Looking at the sky, admiring the sunrises & the sunsets, all of these have become habits for me and let me tell you, the effects they have on your mood are absolutely amazing.

   One time, it was a beautiful afternoon and the sun was doing its magic & as I was watching the sunset I thought why not share this moment with my family. I went downstairs to tell them to look at the sky. They were so captivated by what they were doing online that all I got from them was a plain, dry ” Yeah, yeah.. whatever..” .  It’s so sad.. that we miss out on so many beautiful aspects about life, simple things that are outside everyday for us to admire.

   On my way back home from Thassos, I had one of the most beautiful experiences – the sun kissed the sea & then exploded in millions of pastel colors, giving the sky life again.

Disconnect from social media for a bit, look around – maybe you’ll find a drop of magic!


“Seek the miracles in a sacred moment.”
― Lailah Gifty



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