Seaside dreams

   Currently I’m on vacation with my family, on an island – Thassos. The surroundings are so beautiful, dreamy. The sun shines with warm, sweet rays and the turquoise water is crystal clear providing us to see the underwater paradise.


   Because I’m spending most of my time at the beach and then wondering around visiting & discovering the small towns on the island, I’m always careful with my choice of outfits – something comfortable, suitable for the hot weather, easy to take off/ put on when I’m at the the beach and so on .. but of course stylish.

Down below you can see a list of “seaside essentials” that I’ve came up with.


  • I’m absolutely in love with the pastel, rosé, nude vibe for this summer so I think this one pice swimsuit from PATYMUA would look gorgeous on. You can find similar versions here.
  • One massive obsession I have is the one for chunky shoes so of course I had to choose this pair of sandals. These are STELLA MCCARTNEY but you can find a more affordable pair almost anywhere these days
  • We can’t forget the sunglasses so to go with the retro, rosé look I’ve gone for, I’ve picked these LINDA FARROW ones.
  • Of course we need a beach bag & something to throw over our swimsuit- I would go for a flowy dress, a jumpsuit/ romper, a T-shirt dress.
  • This is optional, but if you are like me and you like to take some cute photos, body jewelry will definitely spice everything up.

14215372_1224362167623426_924616060_o14151945_1224362184290091_812859961_o14191512_1224362234290086_1032702862_oWhat I’m wearing: Printed shorts – New Look; T-shirt dress – Timeout; Choker – Stradivarius; Sandals – Musette; Swimsuit – Triangl

Moodboard made with TrendforTrend  ; * to shop/ see something specific on the board, just click on the image and this will sent you to the links for each one of the pieces. ** Instagram @anneg9x 



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