Experiences that fulfill your life

    I’m constantly looking for new ways of keeping my mind in perfect harmony. I believe we as humans need to feed our souls with different experiences in order to grow as individuals. My mind, my body are hungry for new books to read, for new music to hear, for art, nature, tastes, for new places to visit.

    I love to travel and not too long ago I went to Vienna. It was an unplanned trip & I think that made it more exciting. What’s special about this short experience is that I got to hear my favorite band live for the first time.


   Since discovering Twenty one Pilots, I’ve been obsessed with everything they do. The sound, the lyrics, the massive thought & talent they put in the music they create is absolutely beautiful. I don’t love them just because of the sound, but especially for the message they want to transmit. I don’t know what’s the thing with this band but every time I feel down, depressed or in a bad mood I just play their songs and instantly I see myself hopeful, happy & energised again. You can probably tell that I was very happy when my family surprised me with tickets to one of their shows in Europe.

   The show and the experience of seeing them live was like a dream. The way they communicated with the public, their sound, the lights – everything was flawless – an experience to die for.


   Other than the concert, visiting the capital of Austria under the light of February was very refreshing. Admiring the architecture, taking photos of everything and everyone, drinking warm coffee in a cozy coffeeshop on a rainy day with the beloved ones, visiting The Belvedere Palace, studying the sculptures & paintings – those were some of the things I’ve made in order to fulfill my soul cravings.

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    There are lots of experiences that help you grow as a person and that give you that amazing feeling when you finally breathe fresh air – I think those are the moments we should live for. So…my advice to you today is to find something that makes you happy, that makes you feel alive & to DO IT. Stop waiting for tomorrow, for some kind of miracle – start growing , start living TODAY!






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